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Adapting to meet our clients employment needs – from a single candidate search to a complete onsite management solution. Matching each job seeker to just the right opportunity – administrative, industrial, technical or sales

Core Focus

When you’re an area, you know the best people and spots to go, and the off-the-for the most part acknowledged approaches that will get you there. It’s a mentality that supersedes business; it’s one that is set up observing somebody, validity and a genuine thought for the system.

We’re your neighborhood staffing gathering and when you work with Ainab, you’ll discover the significance of huge worth that brings

Get the Talent


The great talent is within reach, you simply need associations. By collaborating with us, you’ll approach the region’s most skilled ability. They are the kinds of individuals with remarkable ranges of abilities, demonstrated involvement and initiative characteristics.

Throughout the years, our staffing work organization has aced the specialty of coordinating talent. When you cooperate with us, you can make certain we’ve gotten our work done to locate the best fit for you


Industries We Serve

  • Aerospace

  • Automobile

  • Education

  • Electronics

  • Real Estate

  • FMCG

  • Hospital

  • Pharma

  • IT

  • E commerce

  • Bank

  • Hospitality

  • Media

  • Law

  • Hotel

  • Logistics

  • Financial Services

  • Telecom

Simple steps to hire


      Tell us about your hiring needs

  • Submit your job opening,our recruiting specialists will evaluate the skills,experience and corporate culture fit you require.
  • We are 100% committed to finding employees who are the best fit for your company.
  • Need someone today, or even weeks from now? No problem, we have you covered.


             Your staffing options

  • Ainab is known for providing a selection of highly skilled professionals, and our hiring professionals can provide you with full time and temporary time. 
  • We have our own full-time specialized employees, who you can hire on an interim or recurring basis
  • Wondering how to make the most of your hiring budget? There is no cost until you hire,so let’s talk.


         Review and Select candidates

  • Finding candidates who are just the right fit for your role is our top priority. We will provide you with your choice of well-matched candidates, and our recommendations will be tailored to the nuances of your role and business.
  • Once you select the best candidate, we’ll coordinate all aspect of the recruiting process,working hard to ensure a smooth start for you and your new employee.

Recruitment agencies are specialists at sourcing and placing candidates. If you needed new IT systems, you’d seek out an IT specialist, if you needed to upgrade your physical infrastructure, you’d talk to a builder or an architect.Your people are your most important asset, and you should enlist the help of recruitment professionals to help you build your business with the best people.

We are committed to putting the right person in the right job in the right organisation. Unlike many recruitment agencies, our recruitment consultants work together as a team to match candidates with employers, creating an environment that is focused on client success rather than individual success.

We use a range of sources to ensure we find every possible candidate. These sources include:

  • Web-based job boards
  • Resume databases;
  • Local and national media and advertising;
  • Ainab’s business networks and referrals; and
  • Social media and the web

It really depends on the type of role and the skills required. We have successfully placed candidates only hours after being advised of a vacancy, but at the other end of the spectrum, it can also take weeks for more specialised roles.

Typically we will send you two to three candidates who meet your criteria but this will depend on the brief from you. Rest assured that every candidate we put in front of you has been through our rigorous screening process, which involves telephonic interviews, skills verification and reference checks.

Email the job details to . A recruitment consultant will then be matched to you based on your needs and get in touch to discuss the vacancy further and arrange a meeting.

The cost varies according to the vacancy and type of recruitment strategy required.

Absolutely! We expect candidates you hire to be highly suited to the role you offer, both culturally and skills-wise. When you hire a candidate we introduce, we’ll guarantee to provide you with an alternative candidate for the same position if the original candidate leaves within 3 months.